Thursday, September 20, 2007

Women's Sex Tourism

I am bordering on being an old lady (feel free to argue that with me), and I have been faithfully married for over 30 years, but hey! I had never even heard of sex tourism for women until I read the article inEscape Artist.

Of course I have heard of men going to Thailand for sex, but I didn't realize that the Caribbean is a Mecca for women seeking, what this article calls: "the big bamboo". We have all seen the frumpy white woman with the buff black guy, but who knew? I guess I was naive enough to think the buff young black guys might find us attractive without payment. Hmmm. Wake up and smell the coffee, huh? I guess they are really the new pirates of the Caribbean.

For others with similarly lurid tastes as mine, try googling sex tourism for women. Interesting.

livingdominica: there is no depth to which I will not sink when I need a blog topic and I am sick to death of writing about land. And no, Mr. Wizard, I am not planning a vacation.


Minerva said...

A phenomenon known in sexually liberated Scandinavia for at least half a century. And not only among middle age women. Scandinavian women liked to enjoy free sex. Sex vacations were popular before the dicovery of AIDS. Women went to southern Europe and northern Africa and an exchange was not that straightforward as the Expat article describe. Men from Spain and Portugal, where the regimes were oppresive under a long time, even Greece, would prefer to taken to Sweden, so they were looking for an engagement, not for $30 an hour or a watch. Same went for men from Northern Africa, like Morocco, Egypt, Gambia.

When I arrived in Sweden and was learning Swedish I had in my class several engaged males - usually exceptionally good looking, sometimes exceptionally intelligenmt - brought to Sweden from Italy, Greece, Spain. I never met their Swedish fiances, so I do not know how attractive they were.

Jen said...

Well shut my mouth! Just goes to show what a repressed hay seed I am. (Not really, I did have a bit of fun in my youth...)

Tom said...

Goodbye "G" rating, hello "XXX".
You said you'd get the Adult Content up, er, ahem, I mean increased.

Jen said...

Tom, you made me laugh. I will definitely check to see if my rating is "up"!

Jen said...

I did it! I now have an adult blog!

Living Dominica is now rated "R".

TICA MACHA said...

"What's good for the goose..."
I thought about having a dude ranch/spa for women awhile back. Thought it would be great fun to have a retreat for women on a working ranch with working guys. I even had a name for it - "Rock Hard Ranch". It falls in line to your topic but my having such a strong southern Baptist background, I think it would be impossible to do.
Nice thought though. Teri

p.s. name idea for your new land:
Stay Still Hill.