Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More Wit's End Landslides

I imagine the engineers trying to stabilize the Byack landslide now have a full appreciation of the name we gave our land. And I suspect they are ready to kill the guy who thought making that first cut in the hill without building supports was a good idea.

Since the hurricane slide, the crew had once again removed the earth from the road with heavy equipment. More sliding occurred before they could do the protective terracing. Same song, different verse. Word from engineers on the project is that our neighbor David will probably lose his brand new house, and our entire property will be used to "bench" back from the road in order to have things open for tourist season. So Wit's End will be no more. A loss of nearly 5 acres.

There are major tourist attractions up the road from Wit's End which desperately need this project done before the season starts. The livelihood of this neighborhood hinges on tourist dollars. A combination of loss of crops to the hurricane and the loss of tourist income would devastate the mountain villages around the Arial Tram, Titou Gorge, and Freshwater Lake.

Another landslide has blocked the water inlet in our area, so we have been without water also. Fortunately, we have some water stored from our preparation for the hurricane. But this has been a good reminder to always have plenty of stored water.

livingdominica: What can I say? It is never dull here....

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