Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happy Acres

Gee, I hope our next land doesn't look like this.

I have a good friend who always talks about she and I ending up in Happy Acres (a fictional institution for the mentally ill who can no longer cope). So maybe our next land should be Happy Acres. I have come up with some other names, but none have the sweet ring of Wit's End. I really loved that name. Bill Wilson, who founded Alcoholics Anonymous, called his office Wit's End. I stole the name from ol' Bill.

So, Clever Readers, here is your big chance to name our next shrewd land deal. But please. No Sliding Acres or Volcano Ridge. Here are some thoughts I had:

In Stead Of
It's About Time
Last Laugh
Long Wait
Y Worry
Retread Acres
Plan B
Dirt and a Roof

And here are the Exciting Prizes!

I will send the person who submits the winning name a gift from Dominica. Or, if you are on the island, I will buy you lunch.

livingdominica: so, what have you got to lose? Enter our contest today and win exciting prizes or a Creole lunch. This contest is not available to employees of livingdominica or their subsidiaries. (That means you, Wiz.) All decisions are final, and clever names not chosen still become the property of livingdominica. I mean, who knows how many names we will need before we finally get this right....


Neil said...

How can you possibly name it before you even know if it's a boy or a girl? How about

"Less End Learned"

Ken Peek said...

How about "Deja Vu" ?

Ken (dot) Peek (at) GMX (dot) net

Ken Peek said...

Here's another one:

"Rainbow's End"

Ken (dot) Peek (at) GMX (dot) net

Tina said...

what about " Go Placidly..." or even " Peace at Last..."

Jen said...

What clever names!

Someone else suggested Erewhon, which I had to read about on Wikipedia.

We just saw a piece of land with a view of the back side of Wit's End. Hmmm. Must in a name in that somewhere.

Thank you for the fun suggestions! This blog does have such clever readers.

Jen said...

Another great name came in by email: Bellee Acres.

I love the traditional dance here, the Bele. Might change this to Bele Acres if we use it.

Anonymous said...

Wizards Rest


blueright said...

Kolibri Way

From Wikipedia - Kolibri , the word Hummingbird in numerous languages, originating from a now extinct indigenous language of the French Caribbean colonies.

Jen said...

Wow. I really like that one, too!

Someone else just emailed me suggesting Funny Farm. Had to laugh!

Anonymous said...

How about Dunslidin?

Anonymous said...

Why not call it "Innisfree".

Anonymous said...

My name suggestion for your new solid acres are Happy End

blueright said...

Trials Trail

Patience End

Home Free

Jeu D'Esprit

Wizards Way/Rest/Hut

Past/Beyond Wits End

All the best with finding property. I read and enjoy your blog regularly. Thanks

Anonymous said...

I thought of a name for the new place. "Whispering Pines", more of a retirement home name or on the fun side "Mayniac Manor".

Jen said...

Such GREAT suggestions. As soon as ink is dry on a land purchase the winner will be announced.

All decisions are final and the management reserves the right to blame the winner for any further mishaps that might happen, including ingrown toenails and insects.

Jen said...

another great name through email:

Of you new land could be "Journey's End" and hopefully for you it will be. Now it could be a time of resettling and living your dream to the fullest. Regardless of the name you choose, I wish you many blessings of Joy, Peace, Laughter and Love in your new abode to be.
Much Love,

Jen said...

Wizard's Rest, Larry? Just ask him, there is no rest for the Wiz, he is married to me!

The Wiz said...

Bless you, Larry

blueright said...

Happy Birthday Wiz. Relax, take a rest. :-)


Jen said...

Another suggestion from email:

>So, Clever Readers, here is your big chance to name our next shrewd
>land deal. But please. No Sliding Acres or Volcano Ridge.

Here's a funny name: The Big Bamboo.

Jen said...

Moved from another post's comments:

Stay Still Hill.

blueright said...

Bag Of Hopes

Down To Earth

C'est La Ter - From the motto on Dominica's coat of arms 'Apres Blonde C'est la Ter'

Funny ones -

Inn The Bag

New Bag-inings

Dirt Bag Residence

Jen said...

Blueright, you have some amazing suggestions! You may get a prize for effort even if one of your names doesn't turn out to be "the one"!