Sunday, September 2, 2007

Landslide at Wit's End

Our friend took this distant shot from his home in Posh Giraudel.

Here is the sad closeup. All of the land above the slides was ours. At least half of our 5 acres is gone. The slide at the left is below where our house was to be built. Notice the red roof? David has been in his house about a month and may lose it if the land is not quickly stabilized. His house may give you some idea of the massive size of the landslide. Notice there are also homes below. Each time it rains we fear more will slide and that these people will lose their homes.

Fortunately, the government here seems committed to doing the right thing. Bless them.


Saratica said...

Wow - I'm so sorry this happened to you. I can only imagine how devastating this is. There must be a secret message from God in here somewhere... Really secret. Couldn't He just send an email???? Hope there is no more and the government acts quickly. Thank goodness they are open to doing the work here!

Editor B said...

That's terrible. But I appreciate that you posted the picture.

It's amazing to me to read of a government "committed to doing the right thing." Such a foreign concept to me anymore. I hope that your assessment is correct.

Jen said...

I know, we are a bit skeptical being that we are Americans and are used to a government almost NEVER doing the right thing. I hope what we have been told is true...

The contrast between government's response to Dean here on Dominica, and the US response to Katrina is a frequent topic of conversation at our house:

Dominica--They cut a road and did not secure the cliff, which caused a land slide. But they quickly met with us and set about making it right.

USA--They built a levee they knew for years was substandard, abandoned people to die, made minimal efforts to restore normalcy and set things right.

Quite a contrast.