Friday, January 18, 2008

We visit a village health center

Mr. Wizard and I visited a village health center with our friend Mr. Rasta. He goes there every day, including weekends, to have his dressing changed, since his tumor is now too massive for him to manage on his own. (Life Goes On is facilitating transportation for his dressing changes, and continue to do laundry for him each week.) I got to meet some of his nurses, see the clinic, and watch them change his dressing.

I was impressed.

The clinic was spacious with a large waiting room with educational materials on the walls and a TV. The exam room was well equipped. Everything was neat and very clean. And the nurses did an excellent job changing the dressing. (I have to admit they did a better job than I do, as they are not as messy I am)

I had the very pleasant task if delivering dressings to the clinic. Some kind readers of this blog, and nurses at the hospital where I worked, sent large boxes of dressing supplies for my friend. It was such a pleasure to get to give the nurses these supplies and Mr. R was very pleased also.

I am, of course, very concerned about the continuing growth of Mr. R's tumor and the noticeable weight loss we are seeing. His appetite is falling off and he is becoming weaker.

Mr. R. is Rastafari and has a deep love of all things of nature. We printed off the Hubble pictures of deep space for him and he marveled at discovering yet another source of nature's innate beauty, beyond the stars. These images spoke to his gentle soul the way they do to me, I think.

livingdominica: Thank you to those of you who went to the expense and trouble of sending supplies down to Mr. Rasta.


Neil said...

Jen, is there still a plan for Mr. Rasta to get treatment on another island? I went as far as contacting Tina to find out how to make a donation, but the holidays distracted me......

We would like to sponsor one of his estimated $100US days in the hospital. If this trip is still a possibility I would also like to challenge your loyal readers to do the same.

Jen said...

Unfortunately, Neil, it does not appear that surgery is likely. Mr. R has been told that Barbados has declined his case. Despite pleading and letter writing, it appears he will not get surgery.

This is heartbreaking to Mr. R and to all of us who care about him.

Anonymous said...

why did Barbados decline his case? do you know? how sad

Jen said...

Barbara, I sent you an email to explain in depth.