Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Cost of Living

Apparently we not only pay the highest electric rate in the world, but the commodity price here is the highest in the Caribbean. Everyone has been noting a huge increase in everyday items like flour, rice etc.

"The latest available data from the ECCB clearly reveals that the price of a sample commodity consumer basket (a basket of similar goods), range from $282.74 in St. Vincent, to a high of $482.76 in Dominica. The price of that same food basket in Grenada is $368.13. The average price for this shopping basket in the OECS is $386.92 which means that in Grenada, the consumer basket is $18.79 below the OECS average; therefore it is not correct to that Grenada has the highest prices in the region,’ he added."

No, Grenada doesn't have the highest prices in the Caribbean, Dominica does. WHY?

You can read the rest of the article here.

The Minister of Agriculture has a really good response, I think, in encouraging us to eat more locally. Read the story here.


Tom said...

If it's the taxes and duties on the goods, you're screwed. If it's greedy retailers then you could start a food Co-op. Bring in a container and split the costs.

Imagine a world without Moldy butter. I know, I know, where's the excitement in that? Or opening a box of crackers and discovering "Wild Kingdom" right there in the package.

Jen said...

I dunno, Tom. I did not think these type of commodities were under the VAT. But we are seeing big jumps in food prices :(

Come on down and start up that coop for me, OK?

KG said...

Its greedy wholesalers and retailers AND a govt who makes most of their revenue from import duties and indirect taxation.

And yes...we should start coops, but that would people who have to cooperate. Sounds like a contradiction but I am sure jen would get it.