Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cold is a relative term

This morning, the thermometer read 73, but there must be a wind chill down to at least 70, because I had to get out a thick robe and wool socks. Yes, it is true. I have now become so adjusted to life in the tropics that low 70's are chilly for me.

Lisette blogged about being cold in Dominica on Storm Carib. It makes me feel better that I am not the only one bundling up at temperatures which used to feel warm to me. Isn't it interesting how our bodies adjust to living in a different climate?

I remember our first visit to Dominica some years ago, during January. We blissfully shed our coats and sweaters and donned shorts, even though the proprietors of Crescent Moon, our lodging, were dressed in jeans and jackets. It is all what our bodies are accustomed to, I guess.

I was horrified the other day when the Wiz told me our hometown in the US had a current temp of 28F. I cannot imagine how that would feel to me these days!

Of course this climate effect on personal comfort works the other way also. In fact, we have had to establish a strict "No Whining" rule for Northern dwellers who choose to come for a visit during the hottest part of the year. We issue a sweat towel and a water bottle upon arrival and curtly inform guests we do not want to hear about their misery. After all, we warn people not to come for the hottest weather since all of our friends are A/C wimps. We do not have A/C and cope with upper 90s and humidity with aplomb.

livingdominica: NOT dreaming of a white Christmas...


My Chutney Garden said...

Hi Jen,
The temperature has dipped a bit in Trinidad as well but certainly not by that much! Christmas is my favorite time of year weather wise. The sun changes direction and the light is different. We get more of the trade winds coming out of the East as well and some reprieve from our relentless humidity.
Today is what we call a "champagne" day. The air is so fresh and cool, it bubbles.
Sharon from Trinidad

Jen said...

Oh! What a wonderful term: Champagne Day. Thank you for sharing that, Sharon...

Minerva said...

A white Christmas IS possible in the tropics. My friend on north Padre Island (near Corpus Christi - not quite tropics, but semi) was creative enough to arrange one two years ago (when I lived there). Tons of white plumeria and other white flowers in every nook and cranny of her house and outdoor dining room, tons of white shells with some gold and silver accents, white china and mostly white food - at least desserts. It was so much fun!