Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Mr. Rasta

I am heartsick today because I am seeing a dramatic increase in the size of Mr. Rasta's tumor in the last 10 days. I have been haunted by how much it grew from Thursday to Monday.

The good news is that a North American organization is planning to underwrite hospital care for him in Barbados. But another possibility appeared yesterday with a Parisian ENT visiting the island saying he might be able to provide the necessary intervention here. This would allow us to care for Mr. R here during his convalescence, rather than have him go through this on his own off island. I am hoping this works out. But either way, help is on the horizon.

Mr. R is gentle person who rarely asks for anything, but he does more than anything want and need his tumor removed. The enormity of this tumor is mind boggling. It reaches from his chin to the nape of his neck, and extends from his ear to his shoulder. The smell of it keeps him isolated in his little shack. And I see that it is bigger each time I change the dressing. (By the way, someone donated dressings, so yesterday we had proper supplies for the dressing change. Thank you!)

livingdominica: Yesterday Mr. R touched his heart and said, "Thank you for everything you do for me." He meant that for you, too.


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Leslie said...

Yep, Jen, you are a peach. I'll send something and I'm sure your readers (fans)will do what they can.
Big hug, Leslie

Jen said...

Bless you for doing this! It is amazing how these things seem to get done: everyone adds a bit, and soon we have what is needed.

I cannot tell you how this man has touched our hearts. Living in the most abject poverty, Mr. Rasta must be pushed to tell us what he needs. The last time I asked if there was something else he needs. He said, “I am satisfied with what you do for me.”

I was ashamed.

When was the last time I was satisfied with anything? If I were living in his situation I would never be able to say “I am satisfied”.

As difficult as it sometimes is to walk through this with Mr. Rasta, he is giving more to me than I give to him. He is a lesson in grace and acceptance. I have never seen him angry; I have never seen him cry out at the injustice of his situation. He is a man of great dignity, humility, and strength.

Again, thank you for helping.

Kendra said...

Hi Jen,

Would you mind sending me an email with the amount that is currently needed? My organization (Physicians for Human Rights) has a fund set up to give money to exactly this type of cause. I have to pass it by the other board members, but I have a feeling they will agree that this is a great cause.