Wednesday, December 12, 2007

No Car, No Water, No Joy Redux

Good Morning!

We have no water. You might recall we have been here before. Last night we had a substantial storm with enough rain for our local water utility to turn off the water. We have been told they do this to avoid sucking muddy water into the pipes. The next time someone tells you it is fine to drink the pipe water here, please recall this and the fact that Mr. Wizard and I experienced incapacitating diarrhea back when we believed everything we were told.

We have a whole house filtration system now, but of course that doesn't work to filter water hauled in buckets. So our table top Berkie comes into play at these times. These filters have been in use since the 1800s and have an interesting history. (You will note that we use a similar filtration system to the one Queen Victoria used. I do hope you are suitably impressed.) Of course the Berkie only makes about 6 liters of potable water at a time by slooow drip method.

So life just became much more labor intensive with having to carry water for everything. It also means heating water on the stove for bucket baths. For the uninitiated, a bucket bath is performed by wetting down the body, scrubbing with soap, then rinsing off. My mother called this a "spit bath", since although it will remove dirt and odors, it does not produce the lovely clean feeling of a real shower.

And as we haul water for our flushes and baths, we are also in automotive limbo. Mr. Wizard's ancient Beast of a vehicle is yet again broken. I am daily supplicating him to buy another vehicle, but I believe he will never get rid of the Beast. He firmly believes having the most disreputable looking vehicle on the island communicates immediately that we are not rich.

But I am fully prepared to own a smaller, nicer vehicle. If you are on the island and have a very reliable small 4X4 for sale, please contact me quietly and I will work on the Beast's owner.

livingdominica: just another day in paradise.


TICA MACHA said...

I was asleep the other night when we had a huge downfall of rain. I remember vaguely waking up and thinking, no water tomorrow.
I woke up to make coffee and to my surprise (I'm always surprised still), I had NO WATER.
I thought of you.
Parallel universes.
I put a screen on the faucet for my washer. It traps all the garbage (dirt) before it gets to the washer when the water is dirty.
I know that doesn't help your washer right now but maybe in the future. Just cut the screen the size of a washer and stick it inside the water faucet outlet for washer.
You know, when it rains, it pours. There will be brighter days once you get over these hurdles. (I remind myself)

TICA MACHA said...

Oops, I got you confused with the washer problems LaGringa Blogicito in Honduras is having.
Lord, all our lives could be interchangeable with the problems we share. Best to Ya!

Jen said...

Yes indeed, our lives are so similar. Be it Costa Rica, Honduras, or Dominica, it is only the hardy stock that survives!