Saturday, December 29, 2007

My least favorite present was from DOWASCO

DOWASCO is our water company. And yet again, we have no water service.

The sound of the jackhammer is filling the air, but the workers say they have not figured out the problem yet. We are in our second? third? day without water. It seems like a lifetime, since we are also feeling unwell at Chez Miller. And additionally, we have a new, leaky puppy who requires lots of attention and mopping up.

That means lots of water hauling. And the laundry is piling high.

Oddly enough, I heard the Minister over the utilities pontificate last night on TV about how DOWASCO is poised to provide service to the entire island. How will that happen if we do not have consistent water to the areas already served? Oh well, it was a lovely speech. But they all are, these speeches extolling the grandeur yet to come.

I think I'll go back to bed. My misery index is up. I am sure the power will go out next just to complete this picture of tropical bliss.

livingdominica: I should have written Santa asking for consistent utility service.


Jungle Christine said...

Hi Jen, I feel your pain on this one- I havent had water since December 17th when the company turned it off with no warning because my landlord hasnt paid the previous bill. We paid 275 EC to have it turned back on - and lo and behold - still no water. Ah Dominica. at least there are lots of rivers!

Jen said...

Wow, Christine! Since the 17th? Unbelievable. I would be going postal, I'm afraid. First with the landlord, then with DOWASCO.