Thursday, February 28, 2008

My Friend Francis is gone

I heard yesterday from Kendra at Island Med Student blog that Francis died on Tuesday. I know many of you have followed Mr. Rasta's plight and have contributed to his care. I am so grateful to each of you who helped to ease the difficult life of this special man.

Francis touched my heart in a way few people have done. He was so reluctant to ask for help, so at peace with himself and accepting of the terrible challenges he faced. I learned so much from him in the short time I knew him. He was able to rise above his circumstances in a way I am not. I never knew him to whine and wallow (as I am prone to do).

He was a gift in my life. A living example of grace with a touch of Caribbean/Rastafari sweetness.

The last time I spoke with him, he told me he would always hold me in his heart. I spoke the same words to him. And I believe that we do still hold a special place in our hearts for one another. I will never forget him.

His funeral is today at the Catholic Church in St. Joseph if you are on the island and wish to attend.


Anonymous said...

I was so sorry to read that mr. Rasta died.
His death is very sad,especially since he was never able to get or afford proper medical care.
You did so much from him.
Your memories of each other will last forever.
Hope you are doing well in the good old US of A.

Canuck said...

One love - RIP.

Luis Corcino said...

Buitiful islam our caribbe

Luis Corcino said...

Biutiful country

Lynn said...

I'm sorry for your loss and his
suffering. I just found your blog
and it's wonderful and touching.
Where did you go?? Are you going
to blog again