Thursday, March 8, 2007

Are you yearning for Dominica?

Before I lived here, I used to crave Dominica like chocolate. Any picture I could find of the island would be savored. I know from emails I get that some of you are feeling this craving, so here is a Dominica feast for you.

Some delightful people visited the island recently and have put a slide show on the web of our beautiful island. And the images are set to music of the Kings of Cadence.

You can get your Dominica fix at: Photodex. There is a plug in you may need to download. Ken Bosma is the photographer, and he took this lovely picture of the ginger lily in my garden.


Tom said...

A gardening friend gave me a baby pink ginger. They are gorgeous. I am going to propagate it and plant a row of red and pink in front. They look like some kind of candy.

Jen said...

The first gardener we had cut the Ginger lily down, and then was surprised when I howled. He shrugged, "They'll grow back..."
and of course they did. They are really like weeds here.

MyUSICA said...

Amazing blog, thanks
Hi fro Italy