Monday, October 29, 2007

Dengue continues to sweep through the Caribbean

Two men have died of Dengue Hemmorhagic Fever in next door Martinique, and the mosquito borne illness is now found in St Maarten's and St Bart's as it spreds through the islands. Malarial risk is also up in the Caribbean.

Dominica has Dengue on the island, but I have not heard of Malaria here yet.

Eliminate pooling water, wear your DEET, and read our Environmental Health Officer's blog at The Woodshed Environment to keep informed of what is happening with these issues. There is a wealth of information on his site.

Take a moment to view the Dengue Poster that Martinique is handing out to departing visitors. Scary.

livingdominica: once you have seen someone ill with Dengue, you know to avoid it at all costs.


msbee said...

thanks for posting this.
I am going to post the woodshed environment link on my blog if you don't mind. There is a lot in there on the attitudes of the health authorities on St. Maarten..dumb idiots that they are.
they won't take this seriously until someone dies.

Jen said...

This is pretty scary stuff. I was also shocked to hear of all the pockets of malaria. Including Barbados! I do think the governments here in the Caribbean may try to down play these things to avoid scaring off the Tourist Dollars. But it is only through education that this can be stopped.

Billy said...

saw a friend suffer under dengue. wasn't a pretty site.