Friday, August 10, 2007

The Boiling Lake

You know that Dominica has a Boiling Lake, right? I mean a REAL Boiling Lake. Sometimes tourists ask if you can swim in it, so I am stressing the boiling part to save you embarrassment. It is not just called Boiling Lake, it actually boils. (People used to carry eggs to boil in the lake, but I'm not sure they want you to do this since it is risky to get too close to the edge.)

Anyway, the fit and the mighty always make this 7 1/2 hour (round trip) trek which lands you in a moonscape setting called the Valley of Desolation and the Boiling Lake.

Here is a nice video to give you a taste of the experience:

Kendra over at Island Med Student Blog has posted her own cool video from her recent hike up the hill. Our young house guests are making the trip today.

I, however, have never been. I donated my knees to pounding the concrete hospital floors of the US. I don't think I could make the climb. I have trouble just scrambling around our farm, Wit's End! So I listen in awe as others describe what it is like to visit this amazing anomaly.

livingdominica: it truly is a living island.

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