Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Visitor's View of Dominica's Roads

OK. This picture is Bolivia, not Dominica. Our roads are not this bad. They just feel this bad.

We have had visitors who saw little of the island, as they focused only on the sheer drop outside the car window. Driving here is not for the faint of heart! The first time I drove across the Belles road on my own I felt like someone should throw me a party or give me a medal!

I loved this first impression of our roads:

"The one down side are the roads. My Lawd Gawd!!!!! Okay, I live in the U.S. which has large roads for large American cars. Even in Nigeria and the Ivory Coast (where I spent some years are nice paved (or potholed) roads that can take 2 cars going in either direction. Now, Dominica? That is a different matters. The roads look like they are for one car. We were speeding down twisting, winding roads when all of a sudden, a big pick up truck/lorry was coming towards us. My people, I screamed for Jesus! Can you believe that both vehicles managed to get by? I have never seen anything like this. I have told my husband that I would not mind retiring here. But the roads are enough to give me high blood pressure! Now Husband shouts 'Holy ghost fire' to mock me whenever a car is coming. Silly man.... LOL"


livingdominica: Here is my confession-- Mr. Wizard does most of the driving...



Hahaha! I am getting much more accustomed to the roads, thank the Lord! But, yes, I can imagine that visitors spend more time worried about the drop than the beauty that surrounds them.

Today, we are going away from the coast and travelling up into the mountains. Wish me luck!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Just showed your blog to a couple relatives. Anyway, make sure you stop by often. WIll do the same....

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Anonymous said...

Oh my Lord, you are scaring me, Jen! I plan on hiring a car when I come to the island in October. Now I'm not so sure!
Mary H.

Kafo said...

this was the pic i saw of dominican roads


mercy Lord have mercy

Jen said...

I think first time visitors to the island should hire a driver. You will see more and enjoy the island more! Save driving for your next visit...

I think livingdominica is listed on expatwomen... I'll double check

billy said...

yea the roads need to improve.


Haven't been here for a while. How are you, Jen?

Just thought I would let you know that by the time I left Dominica, I was driving on those wild roads! i am sooo proud of myself. Husband believes that when next I am n Dominica, I will be able to drive everywhere by myself (which is what he hopes). hahaha.